Massage By Mandy LLC

About the Practitioner

Mandy Bertzyk LMT

     I have a sports medicine background in Athletic Training and am very comfortable with sports related injuries. I had a change in heart on my career choice when a massage therapist came to my university and talked about how she has been able to help people with pain management, pre and post-surgery, chronic muscle pain, and various different muscular-skeletal conditions. I have always wanted to help people ease pain and found myself wanting to find preventitive and natural ways to help people ease and prevent pain and injury. I then researched schools that offered medical massage programs and found that Blue Sky was the top school in the state for medical massage and had the most extensive massage program offered. I attended Blue Sky, graduated with high honors and have been a State Licensed Therapist since 2010.

     After school, I have worked in a few spas in the Fox Valley and Green Bay area and eventually became a supervisor and helped train new therapist as well as mentor massage therapy students from Globe University. After supervising for awhile, I felt I was ready to take the leap and open my own business and I have never been happier.

     Over the years, I have had experience with professional athletes, runners, and people with various medical conditions such as frozen shoulder, whiplash, piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel, chronic back and neck pain, pre and post-surgery, cancer patients, pregnant women and many other chronic pain conditions. I have special training in oncology massage, PNMT, medical massage, chronic pain management, therapeutic massage, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, hot stone and headache and sinus treatments.

     I look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to continue with my passion to help people improve their quality of life.